Twittov generates nonsense tweets by applying the Markov chain model to your Twitter history. In a nutshell, it splits up text into smaller chunks and then tries to reform these chunks in a correct order. This is never completely accurate, so you end up with some spectacular nonsense. (Incidentally, this is the algorithm used by many spam generators...) If this interests you, other folks have done a much better job of explaining it in detail.


How to use

Download one of the releases from above. You need Python 2.6.2 and the BeautifulSoup module. Navigate to the folder where you downloaded and run it:

Usage: [options] username
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -q, --quiet           Don't print status messages to stdout.
  -v, --verbose         Print all messages to stdout.
  -r RANDOMNESS, --randomness=RANDOMNESS
                        Sets the randomness of the output. Must be an integer.
                        Default is 15.
  -l NUMWORDS, --length=NUMWORDS
                        Sets the *minimum* output length, in number of words.
                        NUMWORDS must be a positive integer. Default is 1.
  -c FILE, --cache-file=FILE
                        Sets the cache file. By default, we save to
  -f, --force-cache-update
                        Force download all tweets and update cache, even if
                        username is already in cache.

Introducing @twittov

If you'd rather not run a python script, just send a tweet to @twittov, and he'll respond with nonsense generated from your feed. If you have very few replies, or all your replies are unique, @twittov won't have enough data to produce proper nonsense. Instead, he'll respond with a joke (sometimes half).

Edit: I'm afraid Twittov's time has come and I no longer have the time to keep running the script and blocking spammers. Thanks everyone for tweeting @twittov when he was breathing!